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Buyback Info



Any college textbook that has any resale value from any student can be sold to the bookstore Buyback Representative during buyback. If the book will be used for an upcoming semester or term, the bookstore buyback representative will offer up to 50% of the selling price. Please be aware we cannot buy damaged books. CDs or tapes that came with the original book must be included. If the bookstore already has an adequate supply of a particular book in stock or on order to cover the estimated enrollment, the bookstore buyback representative may offer the wholesale value to the student. Additionally, study guides may or may not have a wholesale value. Wholesale is an additional service offered by the bookstore buyback representative. Currently, Nebraska Book Company, the largest national used book company in the United State, provides this service at our store during buyback. They will buy back books not being used at CTC if they have a need for that book at another school or campus. Nebraska Book Company determines the wholesale price. Although we make every attempt to buy back all textbooks, some books simply have no resale value.

Several factors affect the price you will receive:
1. Whether or not the book has been readopted for the coming semester.
2. New editions by the publisher.
3. Condition of the book (damaged bindings, water damage, etc.)
4. Current inventory on hand.
5. Whether or not the book has a resale or wholesale value. (Those that do not, will not be purchased.)
Attention Online & Distance Learning Students:

We will accept books sent through the mail from online/distance learning students for Buyback during the Buyback dates only. Any packages received after the Buyback dates will be refused and returned to sender.

The student MUST include inside the package: their name, address, and telephone number. 

Mark the shipment clearly with "Buyback Books" and send to:

US Mail:
Central Texas College Bookstore
Attn: Buyback
PO Box 1800
Killeen, TX 76540

Or UPS, FedEx, etc:
Central Texas College Bookstore
Attn: Buyback
6200 W. Central Texas Expressway
Killeen, TX 76549

The student must incur the shipping expenses to participate in the Buyback program. If the books qualify for the Buyback program, a money order will be sent to the student for the "Buyback refund" amount - minus a money order fee and postage to return the refund via US Mail. The books that do not qualify can either be returned at the student's expense or recycled.