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Refunds & Exchanges

Please read carefully. If your order does not qualify for a Refund or Exchange, you can Sell ,them here on the website or bring them into the store for a Buyback Refund.

A receipt or packing list is REQUIRED to do any type of return, refund or exchange and is subject to the following guidelines. In addition to the receipt, customers seeking a refund on items purchased with a credit or debit card must present the card used and the refund will be credited to the card. A cash refund will not be given for purchases made with a credit or debit card. Online orders being sent back will  only be refunded the amount of the book. Shipping is non-refundable. Please read the instructions below for returns.

1. Return Grace Period

Starts on the first day of the term or semester and ends (must be postmarked or brought into the store by this date) according to the schedule below:

    14 calendar days for 12 week and 16 week courses

      7 calendar days for 8 week, mini term and self pace courses.

2. Book Condition

All items must be in their original state and/or packaging. Shrink-wrapped materials must remain sealed. Items must be clean and not contain any markings or highlights.

3. Non-Returnable Items

No returns, refunds or exchanges given on optional books, study guides, manuals, workbooks, or trade books. Do not purchase these items unless you are certain you want them, regardless of their "required" status. No returns, refunds or exchanges will be given on supplies, skill center books, spiral bound books, modules, gifts, software, or clothing.

4. Shipping

Shipping and Handling (Freight) charges are not refundable.

5. Return Shipments

Returns and refunds that meet the requirements above may be shipped back to the Bookstore, by either:

1. Refusing the unopened package and giving it back to the carrier to be automatically returned, or
2. Shipping the package back to the Bookstore using the following instructions.

The student MUST include inside the package: a copy of the original packing list and/or receipt, reason for return, and as much contact information as possible including; name, address, email, and a working telephone number.

Packages can be sent to:

US Mail:
Central Texas College Bookstore
PO Box 1800
Killeen, TX 76540

Or UPS, FedEx, etc:
Central Texas College Bookstore
6200 W. Central Texas Expressway
Killeen, TX 76549

6. Clothing

Clothing may be exchanged or returned up to 7 business days after purchase providing the tags are still attached and clothing is in its original condition.

7. Electronics & Software

No refunds or exchanges will be given on the following: Laptops, notepads, digital recorders, and earphones or earbuds. Flash drives and calculators are eligible for refund/exchange if they are still in their original, unopened packaging for up to 7 business days after purchase.

8. Buy Back Policy

Buyback is conducted by a Wholesale buyer during the last week of each term or semester and daily Monday-Thursday. The Buyer determines the wholesale price of all books being bought back. Prices can change without notice and therefore may not be the same from one term to another.

Students may be offered a price for their textbooks, in good condition and with all its components; i.e. CDs or unused access codes, based on the continued use of the title at the college or based on the national wholesale value of the textbook.

Not all books are guaranteed to be acceptable for buy back.